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Greeting from the President of Japanese Society for Fracture Repair

Toru Sato
Japanese Society for Fracture Repair

Welcome to the Japanese Society for Fracture Repair. My name is Toru Sato of the Okayama Medical Center and I am honored to serve as the new President of the Japanese Society for Fracture Repair (JSFR). I am filled with a great sense of responsibility when I think of the illustrious tradition of the Society and the distinguished work of my predecessor, Professor Masahiro Shirahama. For the coming two years, I will do my utmost to take our fracture repair treatment to higher levels and contribute to the prosperity of JSFR.

The current activities of JSFR include holding academic conferences and training sessions, publishing our journal four times a year, updating our website, investigating and reporting on implant failures, filing new applications and applications for revision regarding insurance points relating to bone fracture treatments, and mutual participation in academic conferences with the Korean Fracture Society.

Going forward, our priority plans are as follows.

1. We will completely digitize our journal. This paperless move will allow us to save up to 5 million yen in expenditure and should help to further facilitate JSFR operations. At the same time, we are planning to correct the problems that have been pointed out in the past (addition of a Table of Contents bookmark, better image resolution, and complete digitization of contributed manuscripts).

2. We are currently practicing mutual exchange with the Korean Fracture Society. Going forward, we wish to develop similar ties with our Taiwanese counterpart, and encourage our young colleagues in particular to interact with their foreign peers. Also noteworthy is the establishment of the International Orthopedic Trauma Associations (IOTA) in autumn 2017. We believe Japan’s participation as an inaugural member is significant, such as in our young doctors participating in fellowships. Preparations are underway for these to take place once IOTA is started up.

3. Our training sessions are now in their 10th year, with an annual enrollment of about 250 each in our basic and advanced programs. Our basic program is exclusively for young orthopedists and surgical doctors in training, designed to evoke their interest in JSFR and encourage future membership. Our advanced program features a different topic each year to maintain the interest of our more seasoned colleagues. We are constantly upgrading our courses, such as by focusing more on dialogue between lecturer and participant wherever possible, especially in our advanced program.

4. We appreciate the cooperation we are receiving from numerous specialists in relation to the formulation of the Clinical Practice Guidelines for Femoral Neck/Trochanteric Fractures (3rd edition). We are working hard to ensure that the latest edition will be in line with the realities of clinical care and will help in the delivery of standard therapy.

When addressing musculoskeletal trauma and fracture, we see inter-regional and inter-hospital disparity in the level of treatment, both in the world and in Japan. I am committed to working with our members to further promote education and social activities to deliver proper standard treatment to everyone. Thank you for your continued support.

(August 29, 2017)